CRISPR screening

CRISPR screens provide large-scale assessment of gene functions. Our lab has set up a pipeline for genome-wide CRISPR screening in human diploid epithelial cells with inducible Cas9, to reveal specific genetic dependencies and drug sensitivities. For more information, see the CRISPR Center or contact Rob Wolthuis

IncuCyte Zoom

The IncuCyte Zoom is a high-throughput microscope to monitor cell growth at 37°C/5%CO2 in up to six microplates (e.g. 96-well or 384-well plates) simultaneously. Cells are imaged in phase-contrast, and optionally in green and red fluorescent channels (e.g. GFP and mCherry, as well as several fluorescent reporter assays), at either 4x, 10x or 20x magnification. For more information see Essen Bioscience or contact JobIsabelGovind or Klaas.